Fiesta Mexicana Children's Corner

Children of all ages will enjoy everything that Fiesta Mexicana has to offer.  The Fiesta is a place where people reunite and reminisce about the the years gone by and many fond childhood memories.  It is a homecoming of sorts to many people and keeps alive the love and spirit that we all possess as children. . . with eyes wide open to the world that awaits them and with each passing day excited about the joys of life. Fiesta Mexicana is steeped in tradition and is the result of our love and commitment to children and our desire to support their educational journey at Holy Family School.

The Kid's Corner offers face painting, Moon Walk, crafts, games, balloon animals, and many more activities especially designed for our young Fiesta friends.

You can find the children's area on the south side of OLG Church. We hope to see you there!

Fiesta Mexciana is a celebration of generations!