Fiesta Mexicana Royalty Candidate -  2018 Information Pending

We congratulate Hanna Pickering and Neftaly Morales Aquino (and their families) who volunteered to run for 2017 Fiesta Royalty. We wish them well and pledge to support them along this journey.

Parents:  William "Bill" and Mary Ann Pickering
Grandparents:  the late Homer and Aurora Delgado and the late William Pickering, Sr. and Edith Bourillion

Siblings: William (Billy) Pickering, III, Joshua Pickering, Raymond Pickering, Christina Pickering, Daniel Pickering, Graciela Pickering

Education:  Homeschooled through high school

History (community involvement): Hannah is a lifelong member of the parish and is active in the OLG Choir, a Life Teen Leader, Lector and a School of Religion Teacher.  

Why he/she is running: Hannah has always wanted to run for queen ever since her brothers ran for fiesta king.   Hannah knows it is not about becoming queen that excites her.  It is so much bigger than that.  Giving back to God and her community (Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and Holy Family School) is the true reason.  

Hannah is dedicating her campaign to her maternal grandmother Aurora Pimentel Delgado.

Notable Facts:   Hannah  always has a smile on her face even though she has lived with Polyarticular Rheumatoid Arthritis and Epilepsy all her life. 

Parents:   Marcial Morales and Amalia Aquino
Siblings: Lorena, Omar and Joselinee 

Education:  Senior at Topeka High School graduating later this month. 

History (community involvement): He is active in the Gardening Club, and Cross Country and Track teams at Topeka High School. 

Why he/she is running: Neftaly plans to attend college to receive a degree so he can give back to his parents for all they have done for him. He decided to run for Fiesta Royal because his sister, Lorena is last year’s princess. 

​​Notable Facts:  Neftaly is looking forward to the friendships, experiences and memories he will gain throughout his campaign.